Bolloré Bolphane® Polyoléfin Film, type B-NAT

New : B-Nat®
Bio-based PE shrink film


Bolloré launches B-Nat®, the first ultrathin packaging shrink film on a basis of green polyethylene.

B-Nat® consists for more than 40% of a polyethylene produced from sugarcane ethanol.

Sugarcane for a lower environmental impact.

In the current global context of high fossil fuel dependency, and facing the depletion of the planet’s resources, sugarcane derived ethylene is a sustainable alternative.

Natural resources are renewable. The green polyethylene resulting therefrom provides the same performance as a fossil polyethylene. At the end of its useful life, the recycling properties are identical to those of a petrochemical PE.

B-Nat® is developed to minimise its environmental impact. Bolloré has chosen a green PE from Brazil-based supplier Braskem.

Exceptional characteristics

  • B-Nat® is developed to offer the most attractive shelf presentation. Therefore, its optic properties are optimised.
  • Its cohesion strength makes it a good candidate for multipacking applications.
  • The unique technical properties of B-Nat® ensure excellent results, from manual to automatic high speed machines.



  • B-Nat® is available in a thickness of 15µm, flat or centerfolded.
  • Information on printed B-Nat® can be obtained on simple request.


B-Nat consists for more than 40% of a green PE.

Data sheet : BOLLORÉ_B-NAT